Beyond Talk Therapy:

A Coordinated Approach to
Your Child's Well Being

Crisis Management Counselling for Adolescents in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Online

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Empowering Futures Through Compassionate, Science-Proven Counselling Services

At Pivot Counselling, fostering resilience in your child goes beyond talk therapy.  When kids acquire the skills to navigate life’s challenges, they become better at coping with future hardships. These basic skills help them to convert problems and struggles into tools that make them stronger individuals.

More School Days

Equip your child to face each school day with confidence, resilience, and a positive mindset. Counselling can empower kids to overcome obstacles, making school a more welcome place of growth and learning.  


Sometimes talking to someone other than a parent can make the difference in getting your child to view the stressors of home and school more hopeful.

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Healthier Friendships

When children build emotional intelligence, they form stronger connections. Our counselling services help kids develop social skills, fostering friendships that contribute to their well-being.  More importantly children learn to develop strong values which they will build and nurture over time.  

Greater Independence

We guide your child toward independence and success by providing the tools for meaningful change. Parents who choose Pivot Counselling ensure their kids have the resources to become balanced, adaptable, and well-adjusted individuals.

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Our Counselling Services

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Psychotherapy is about making behavioural changes through talk therapy. Psychotherapy digs down to find the place inside you where we can help you to ease the pain, gain a sense of hope, and get you unstuck…  

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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Working with Children and Adolescence issues is more complex and nuanced than working with adults. These parts seem the same as adults but child and adolescents are surprisingly much more fragile…  

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Family Mental Health Services

Pivot Counselling have specialties working with children and adolescents.  Often understanding the family dynamics is a key cornerstone to building pathways to connect a parent to a child…  

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Meet Your Therapist

Johann Kong MSW, RSW

As a parent, I know how heartbreaking it is when kids feel anxious, burdened, or unable to respond to daily challenges. As an experienced therapist, it’s my greatest joy to help clients transform their lives with greater self confidence, self respect, and stronger inter-relational skillsets. More about Johann…

Ready to get your child healthy and confident?

Our Counselling Process

At Pivot Counselling, We work one-on-one with your child in person or online. Most clients find significant progress within just three sessions. Our focused approach during each session, coupled with personalized strategies, allows us to efficiently address your child’s challenges and work towards their goals. 

Step 1.      Schedule an Appointment.

Your initial consultation is free.

Step 2.     Create a Plan

You’ll have peace of mind that meaningful change is possible.

Step 3.    Take Small Steps Forward

You and your child will feel hopeful about their future. 

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